City Council presents proclamation honoring Nancy Parker’s life

City Council presents proclamation honoring Nancy Parker’s life

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The FOX 8 family grieves along with New Orleanians as we all remember our beloved Nancy Parker.

Nancy and pilot Franklin Augustus died Friday (Aug. 16), in a plane crash in New Orleans East.

She was a friend to everyone she met, a talented journalist, but most importantly a devoted wife and mother. And Monday, the New Orleans City Council recognized her many accomplishments and the impact she had on our city.

Helena Moreno, president of City Council, remembered the profound impact Nancy had on the city and its community.

“Nancy, as we all know, was incredibly beloved by the city and our entire area. I really think she was so loved because we knew she loved us back. We, as city council members, are speechless like the rest of the community,” Moreno said.

The proclamation honoring Nancy’s life was signed by all seven City Councilors.

“She was so active. You know, there are some faces you see all the time, and you may just see them on TV. But, there are faces you see all the time on TV, that you also see them all the time in the community, and that’s who Nancy was,” Moreno said.

The council recognized Nancy as a loving wife, mother, for her incredible career in journalism and as a true leader in our community.

The council also honored Nancy for her stories over the years, including Pope John Paul II’s visit to Saint Louis Cathedral. And, that she was one of only four Gulf Coast reporters invited to the White House for a one-on-one interview with President George W. Bush on the Katrina recovery in 2006.

“I think New Orleans will remember Nancy as the loving woman she was, who gave it her all to tell the stories of New Orleanians every single day, and also, who was a part of the people of New Orleans," Moreno said. “Someone who was active in the community every single day, and that’s how she’s going to be remembered.”

Moreno, who is a former television reporter, said it didn’t matter if you saw Nancy yesterday or 10 years ago, she was always kind and gracious when you saw her -- a one of a kind who leaves a void in our city.

“You know, when you look back at Nancy Parker’s life, it’s only really good memories that come back. It’s only really positive impacts that come back. And so, her memory will live on and I can tell you, I honestly think she will live on as a New Orleans legend,” Moreno said.

A copy of the proclamation was also delivered to Nancy’s family.

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