Editors at The Advovate reflect on Nancy Parker’s legacy

Editors at The Advovate reflect on Nancy Parker’s legacy
Nancy Parker, 53, worked at FOX 8 for 23 years. She was killed in a plane crash on Friday (Aug. 16) while shooting a story. (Source: WVUE)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - As the City of New Orleans continues to remember FOX 8’s Nancy Parker, fellow journalists are reflecting on her career, her talent and her warm personality.

In an editorial written by the staff at The Advocate, Parker is referred to as one of many “broadcast icons” the city has produced with the same warm personality on-screen and off-screen.

“She was warm, smart, unassumingly competent and frequently joyful on air. Coworkers, friendly professional rivals and some of the many people she interviewed say she was the same person when the cameras were off.”

Parker’s longtime co-anchor John Snell echoed the same sentiments on-air shortly after her passing Friday.

“If you watched TV for 20-something years and you thought you knew Nancy Parker, you pretty much did. That was it,” said Snell.

The editorial also spoke about how Parker, who was born and raised in Alabama, moved to New Orleans and made it her adopted home and treasured it like many other transplants.

According to The Advocate, it was shown through many of her stories over the years.

“In sharing both its beauty and its shortcomings with generations of viewers, Nancy Parker made Louisiana better, too.”

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