A Poem for Nancy by Habibullah Saleem

A Poem for Nancy by Habibullah Saleem

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - When the sun goes down the environment gets dark so the case with the amazing Nancy.

A remarkable human being with humor and galore,

Proficient she was so easy to adore.

Capturing the news, proficiently, professionally acquired,

Extraordinary was Nancy compassionately admired.

Unlimited achievements, incredible success,

Nancy Parker put forth her best.

Race didn’t matter. She related to all.

An honorable journalist, Nancy stood tall.

Assignment after assignment she completed her mission,

A news 8 blessing, a magnificent.

It won’t be easy to adjust to her loss,

The grief and sadness so difficult to toss.

Embedded in her eyes the joy of her work,

Vibrant, assertive, aware, alert.

Recovery for us all will take some time,

Nancy Parker, considerate and kind.

Loved by her husband, children and friends,

Uplifted by coworkers, her passion the trend.

So precious she was, her legacy enhanced,

In spite of the tragedy, her deeds will advance,

Into the next world paradise awaits.

Blessed and cherished Nancy Parker was great.

Second to none of people I met,

A champion of character we will never forget.

From a very small town, her life became sharper,

Ohhh, how wonderful was Nancy Parker.

Each day of seven,

May she rest in heaven.

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