‘She saw into your heart': Longtime colleague Bob Breck remembers Nancy Parker

Bob Breck remembers Nancy Parker

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Longtime FOX 8 meteorologist Bob Breck worked alongside Nancy Parker for more than 20 years and joined the morning show crew Tuesday (Aug. 20), to reflect on the impact made by his coworker and friend.

Bob and Nancy not only shared the desk for many years, but as Nancy recounted at Bob’s retirement party in 2016 she said, “I’m lucky enough to have done every story on Bob Breck, pretty much.”

Bob retired after more than 30 years as FOX 8’s chief meteorologist, but fondly remembers that time Nancy spent on her craft with him as a subject.

“The stories were fun. That’s the thing about Parker. She was the funniest off camera," Bob said.

From the more lighthearted “Bob Takes It Off,” where Bob revealed what was under his hair piece, to his first wife’s death from a blood clot, prostate cancer and a pace maker, they shared the good and the bad with FOX 8′s audience.

“The way she did things, and it came so easily and naturally, but she worked hard. It didn’t just happen,” Bob remembered.

While he respects her professionalism, Bob said it’s her friendship he cherishes.

“I can’t tell you how humbled I am that she accepted me as her friend,” he said. “There were credentials from Alabama and awards, and we all know how gifted she was, but forget about all that. When it came time to be one-on-one with Nancy Parker, I don’t care.”

Bob said one of his favorite Nancy moments came when touring colleges with his youngest son. The teen was considering Auburn University, and she had just the person to give them the VIP treatment.

“Next thing I know, it’s set up. I go to Auburn. I meet Mrs. Patsy, and Nancy’s mother shows us the campus in ways that no one else could," Bob said.

Then, she insisted on having them to Nancy’s childhood home for lunch.

In 2016, Nancy recalled the trip with amusement:

“Bob Breck has been to Opelika! And he’s been to my home and he’s visited my parents and he saw my playhouse in the back yard and he toured that"

The warmth and love that shown from Nancy was clear in her parents, too, Bob said.

“We have lunch, met her father and it was like, ‘Geez, they don’t know me and make me feel very comfortable. This is beautiful. This is where she grew up. This is what set the foundation on the rest of the structure of her life.' And I realized it was the parents, Patsy and Billy, that gave her that Nancy, the foundation that made Nancy the beautiful woman we have all grown to love,” Bob said.

Following her tragic and unexpected death last week, Bob said the outpouring of love now is overwhelming.

“I just feel this sorrow that Nancy is not here to feel what I felt, but somehow I think she knows," Bob said.

He said Nancy’s talent for seeing a person’s spirit set her apart.

“She saw into your heart. She saw your character. That’s important," Bob said.

And it’s clear Nancy liked what she saw in Bob’s heart, a fact she made clear during her toast at his retirement party in 2016.

"For me, he’s just a really great friend and I love him,” she said.

Today Bob reciprocates.

“I love Nancy forever," he said.

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