Drew Brees, Sean Payton mourn for Nancy Parker

Brees, Payton remember Nancy Parker, share memories

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Even as the Saints prepare for the next preseason match-up, Drew Brees and Sean Payton took the time to share words of sympathy and encouragement in the wake of the tragic death of beloved FOX 8 anchor Nancy Parker.

“You hate to lose someone like that, obviously someone who’s so respected and well cared for, a mother of three,” Brees said. “So, beyond what she meant to the community in her role as a news anchor and a reporter, but as a mother, a wife, great community leader. It’s just tragic.”

“Hearing the news of her death it was shock, disappointment, devastation," Payton said. “Our prayers go out to her family. It’s tough when someone who’s like one of our own, someone who is part of our community, so you saw her all the time because she brought you the news, and you know, it’s just difficult.”

And though Nancy was an Alabama girl, she was definitely a Who Dat, through and through.

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