Local medical marijuana pharmacy is up and running

Local pharmacies begin selling medical marijuana

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - A local pharmacy that recently began selling medical marijuana says business is off to a good start.

H&W Drug Store in New Orleans is one of nine medical marijuana pharmacies in the state. Longtime pharmacist Ruston Henry is the owner of the business.

"Happy that we're here now and we're functioning and we're going good,” said Henry.

The product is currently sold in Louisiana in liquid form.

Henry held a sample bottle in his hand as he talked about the substance.

"It's a sublingual tincture that you put underneath your tongue,” said Henry.

And he said it is legal in Louisiana for various medical conditions.

"Louisiana has approved chronic pain, PTSD, Crohn’s, spasms, autism, epilepsy and a few other ones,” said Henry.

He said state lawmakers put restrictions on the form of medical marijuana patients can access.

"The Louisiana legislature did not approve anything smokable, or edible, so the form we have it in right now is really a tincture. It’s a one-ounce bottle tincture,” said Henry.

He said since he began dispensing the substance earlier this month many local patients have come in to buy it.

"I’d say probably in excess of a hundred,” said Henry.

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