Zack: Midweek Mixture of Sun & Storms

A typical August day is expected with pop up showers and storms most likely from late morning into the afternoon.

Zack: Wednesday 8 a.m. weather forecast

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The good news with this weather pattern is it isn’t too terribly hot, the bad news is it has to rain daily to keep the heat in check.

I don’t see much change for that midweek forecast as we will once again start the day with a mixture of sun and clouds. Once enough heating develops by late morning into the afternoon, we will pop those showers and storms. Any storm will be capable of heavy rainfall so watch for minor street flooding. Highs will only make it to the low 90s.

Although it does look like Thursday may be a bit drier, Friday into the weekend looks wet. It could be really wet in some regards as a tropical wave moves in from the Gulf. Multiple inches of rain will be possible so take note of that for your weekend plans.

Overnight the National Hurricane Center did name Tropical Storm Chantal over the middle of the Atlantic. This is of no concern to anyone except the fish as the system is expected to meander out over the open ocean. Elsewhere, all is quiet in the tropics outside of a tropical wave that will move across the Gulf the next few days. Chances for development look very low but of course we will keep a watch on it.

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