City takes action after FOX 8 Defenders report on 18-wheelers

FOX 8 Defenders Update: 18-wheeler parking

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -You’ll now notice a big change on Morrison Road in New Orleans East.

“It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. I love it, I love it, I thank you Fox 8 News,” said neighbor Warren Marigny.

Earlier this month, neighbors contacted the Fox 8 Defenders for help in dealing with 18-wheelers parked in their neighborhood; something they’ve been fighting for years.

“What prompted me to contact you is the oil tanker right there. When I passed the oil tanker with the big flammable caution sign on it, that scared me. What would happen you know, if something blew up, the tanker blew up, right across the street from these homes, what would happen then,” Marigny said earlier this month.

After our reports aired, the city took action. And, Thursday neighbors got the solution they’ve been waiting for.

“They got all the signs up by this morning by 9 a.m. Council member Nguyen said all of this would be completed by tomorrow and she kept her word," said Marigny.

No parking signs now line Morrison Road where the 18-wheelers have been parking.

"I want to emphasize that this is a no parking area. 18-wheelers should not be parking in that area, it is a residential area. Please respect our community and adhere to the law. We’ve already notified parking administration to make sure they are aware the signs are up today and so strict enforcement will be out,” said Cyndi Nguyen.

While neighbors couldn’t be happier about the news, we spoke with a trucker who did not want to be identified. He says truckers don’t have a safe place to park.

“I park my truck at truck stops and have my fuel stolen, have my tools stolen, 8 of my tires stolen about 4 months ago,” the truck driver said. “These guys are parking in the safest place that they know so they can do their daily livelihood to support their families, they live in the very same neighborhood and now all this is going to do is make it complicated for them.”

“You know this is an obligation as part of running a truck business and we do have places for it and so they need to adhere to it,” said Nguyen.

As for Marigny, he says he and his fellow neighbors are just thankful to see action.

“I’m just grateful that you helped us through this. I am grateful that Council Member Nguyen kept her promise and that Mayor Cantrell kept her promise and got this done for us,” said Marigny.

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