Delta Sigma Theta sorority honors Nancy Parker in Omega Omega farewell service

Delta Sigma Theta sorority honors Nancy Parker

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -Nancy was known as a mother, mentor, journalist, and more. But she was also part of a sisterhood.

“We use the term 'soror’ as you would say sister,” said President of the New Orleans Alumnae chapter, Linda Howard- Curtis.

More than 100 of her Delta Sigma Theta sorors clad in black, wearing pearls and violets, gathered for her Omega Omega ceremony.

“This is very powerful for Delta Sigma Theta and the New Orleans Alumnae chapter. We need to have some type of closure with this entire tragic situation."

President of the New Orleans alumnae chapter, Linda Howard-Curtis explained the Omega Omega service is a final rite of passage and farewell service for all Delta Sigma Theta sorors.

“She embodied sisterhood always with a big beautiful smile always willing to help someone,” said Howard-Curtis.

The private ceremony was clad in secrecy, and closed to only sorors and their loved ones, including Nancy’s family. Nancy’s mother, Patsy Parker Boyd is a Delta herself, and had the special honor in placing the violets at her daughter’s portrait during the service. Commanding the crowd, Patsy told the auditorium she loved them for loving her daughter, and they laughed together sharing memories of Nancy.

“That’s where Nancy got it from, Ms. Parker. She’s an amazing woman, so that’s where she got it from,” said Ann Heard-Nesbitt.

Heard-Nesbitt joined the sisterhood alongside Nancy when they were both students at the University of Alabama.

“She’d roll her hair in paper rolls so we thought that was interesting in college, we know she’s from Opelika, but that’s a little country, but at the same time she’s so elegant and eloquent,” said Heard-Nesbitt.

Heard-Nesbitt says the two would often compare their friendship to another famous pair.

“I believed so much in her that she was Oprah and would have her own talk show one day and she was my biggest fan,” said Heard-Nesbitt.

She says as painful as the trip to New Orleans to remember Nancy’s life and legacy has been, it’s been a blessing to celebrate her friend's life, honor her family, and remember how much she gave to anyone she met.

“We love Nancy. She will be so missed and everything you see here today she’d do the same thing for one of us in a heartbeat,” said Heard-Nesbitt.

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