Celebrating Nancy Parker: Friends rally around family in time of tragedy

Celebrating Nancy Parker: Friends rally around family in time of tragedy

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - While hundreds of people showed up at a memorial for Nancy Parker Friday afternoon (Aug. 23), a wide circle of friends gathered around her family.

Nancy was beloved by her neighbors and viewers across the metro area and her family is now being supported by many who want to help after her tragic death.

She was honored with a memorial and a second line for her contributions to this city. But first and foremost, Nancy was a devoted wife and mother, and those who live in her Gretna neighborhood got to see it first hand

Billy Bravender spoke at the memorial service for Nancy, reflecting on being a 20-year neighbor to a woman who was as real as they come, like the time he needed to go pick up his car from the shop.

“She’s funny on the air, and when you see her in the backyard, even better. She will be missed,” Bravender said. “She was interviewing the president one day, I called for a ride, Glynn’s in the shower, she came out in her slippers, and said ;I got this,' so she brought me to take care of my vehicle."

Nancy, who’s will to help is now legendary, drew the line though, when it came to Bravender wanting to take a picture.

“No selfie, but I do have a lot of selfies from backyard parties,” Bravender said.

Those friends are now gathering around Nancy’s husband Glynn Boyd and their three children Piper, Parker and Pierce.

“She was a true light to everybody,” Bravender said.

Senator Troy Carter has been at Glynn’s side since hearing the awful news.

“It’s time like these that friends step up...there are so many people that gave their time, and energy,” Carter said. “This was an effort of love, with a bunch of us coming together, you do this, you do that. It balanced out to be a wonderful home-going."

Among those coming in for the memorial,and second line was former FOX 8 anchor-reporter Greg Adaline, who is now anchoring the news for a sister station in South Carolina.

“You don’t miss something like this, because it’s a life that can’t be replaced,” Adaline said.

Glynn described her as a unifier for the way she brought people together, and her close friends said she leaves an enduring message.

"To love each other to cherish every moment, be true partners and to give back,” Carter said.

And that was the theme of much of the memorial, and one all who knew and loved Nancy hope will be carried forward, in her absence.

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