Nicondra: Heavy rains could slow the morning commute

Flash Flood Watch

Nicondra: Heavy rains could slow the morning commute
Weather Prediction Center risk for excessive rainfall as of Sunday August 25, 2019.

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - A storm complex sliding along the Louisiana coast is providing plenty of fuel for storms that will bring heavy rains to most of the region. A Flash Flood Watch is in effect through the night and it looks likely that overnight into the early morning will be the time when storms are bringing the heaviest rains inland. Prepare for a wet start in the morning with some street flooding likely. Bands of rain will push through the region through the day.

By midweek a more typical summer pattern will fall into play and a front is possible late week. If that forecast holds as it is still a ways out the Labor Day weekend could turn out mostly dry and sunny with dew points in the 60s that would feel down right delightful compared to the mid-70s we have right now. Still a little early to lock that in, but something to give us hope.

In the tropics Dorian is still far out in the Atlantic, but getting better organized and the next official tropical system is likely to form off shore from the Carolinas.

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