Street flooding slams New Orleans metro Monday afternoon

Street flooding slams New Orleans metro Monday afternoon

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Two hours after the rain stopped, some New Orleans streets were still under water after flash flood warnings came in Monday afternoon (Aug. 26).

“It usually goes down a little faster than this,” Desire Hebert, an Irish Channel resident said.

Hebert has only lived in the area for three years, but she’s already had enough.

"This is the worst I've ever seen it," Hebert said.

Drivers lined Josephine Street, standing alongside their cars. Some were stalled, others feared they would be.

“I’m just waiting it out,” one said.

In the Garden District, those doing business in the area tried helping the water along, wading through it to clear out storm drains.

“This is the second time, recently. It’s never been quite this bad,” business owner David Spielman said.

Though Spielman said he keeps a close eye storm drains, he keeps an even closer eye on drivers.

"They're driving through, pushing water in the commanders, trying to push water into my place. I think they pushed water into my car. It's just nothing but inconsiderate and stupidity," Spielman said.

And, Spielman said he thinks some of them do it on purpose.

"Oh, I definitely do because when I would whistle and tell them to slow down, they would speed up," explained Spielman.

Carrollton area resident Eileen Hollander said she is over it, too.

"It comes in and it floods our houses," Hollander said.

Her garage took on water Monday, but instead of drivers, Hollander is putting most of the blame on drainage.

“Even though we are cleaning them every week, they are stopped up,” Hollander said.

Overall, she and others say they’re frustrated by a longtime issue that’s seemingly only getting worse.

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