Major hurricane expected to hit Florida this weekend

Landfall expected sometime Sunday

Major hurricane expected to hit Florida this weekend

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Dorian is forecast to be a Category 3 storm when it reaches Florida’s east coast this weekend. The storm’s path after this remains very uncertain. It is likely to slow somewhat as it moves across the Florida Peninsula. Anywhere from Jacksonville to Miami could be in the way of the storm and the entire Peninsula will have the threat for heavy rain going into Labor Day.

As for the Florida Panhandle, it looks to remain calm for the weekend. Depending on Dorian’s eventual track, this area could be a concern by the early to mid part of next week. How far west the storm travels will ultimately depend on the strength of high pressure to the north of the storm. A stronger high means it will go deeper into the Gulf. A weaker high will result in it recurving into the Southeast states.

It is too early to determine any threat for the FOX 8 viewing area but it remains on the low side for now.

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