Bruce: Dorian Threatens Florida; No Threat To The Gulf

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -So far, the models have been spot on with the movement and eventual stall over the Bahamas. With the storm to our east, we will actually benefit with drier and lees humid air. Although hot, it will be a nice forecast. As powerful Hurricane Dorian moves slowly along the East Coast, it will continue to pour dry air across the Gulf Coast states. At the same time, a strong area of hot high pressure will spread across the area.

This means rain chances will be near zero for the next week and temperatures will be well above our average. In early September, our typical highs are around 90. We will see middle and upper 90s all week long.

With the drier air in place, it won't be as humid and therefore the heat index will likely stay below 105 most of the time. Regardless, it will be brutal while in the direct sun.

Besides Dorian, there are several disturbances across the Atlantic but none of them are expected to be a problem for the FOX 8 viewing area.

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