Overtime Podcast #65 - Triple Coverage, Week 1

Overtime Podcast #65 - Triple Coverage, Week 1

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - In the first episode of a regular football season feature, we preview the weekend ahead for the Saints, South Louisiana’s college football teams and the greater New Orleans area’s high school scene.

Sean Fazende on the Saints’ matchup against the Texans:

“They play a Texans team that, if you write their roster down on paper, it actually looks pretty good but they’ve made so many deals over the last three weeks, at so many prominent position, I just wonder how does that all mesh together when they meet the Saints on Monday night.”

Chris Hagan on the stakes of #6 LSU’s trip to #9 Texas:

“It’s not just LSU-Texas, it is SEC versus Big 12, it’s a matchup that there are levels to it in terms of players and the impact this game will have on recruiting with as much as LSU like to go into Texas. There’s obviously LSU wanting Tom Herman....that didn’t pan out and they got Ed Orgeron. Some saw it as settling but all of a sudden, this trajectory has kind of brought them to this trajectory where Texas is considered back and LSU could be back and I think this game, given their schedules, especially LSU’s could determine who is back in contention for a national championship in terms of College Football Playoff implications.”

Fazende on Tulane’s offensive renaissance under coordinator Will Hall:

“Will Hall immediately saw what a lot of us saw about Justin McMillan; he is a very good runner, he takes good care of the ball and if the throws are going from the numbers to the sideline, he can be effective. He’s not great over the middle. Boy, every play seemed like it was going to the perimeter and he made good decisions running the ball.”

Hagan on the prep season’s big matchup between a pair of reigning state champions in Edna Karr and John Curtis:

“That is the battle of champions, teams that have been absolutely dominant and I know both of them love starting against each other because it’s a perfect test.”

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