FOX 8 Football Friday “Game of the Week” preview: St. James vs. West St. John

FOX 8 Football Friday “Game of the Week” preview: St. James vs. West St. John
St. James will hit the road to face West St. John.

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - St. James might be all the way up in Class 3A, and West St. John sits down in Class 1A. But when they meet up, those classifications mean nothing. The "Railroad Classic" produces memorable endings, and gives us the next great talent to keep our eyes on.

“It goes back for many decades. A lot of great teams, a lot of great battles. Some really good kids have come from both of these programs. Have gone on to the next level, playing in the NFL. It’s a really good game,” said West St. John Head Coach Brandon Walters.

FOX 8 Football Friday "Game of the Week" preview: West St. John vs St. James

“It’s the proximity. It’s right there. There’s a lot of divided households, divided families. There’s a storyline, because I was there so many years. We had moderate success. Coach Walters was more successful than I was. He won a state championship. Here we have success, there’s a lot of excitement going into the season. It’s typical of River Parish football,” said St. James Head Coach Robert Valdez.

Coach Valdez is undefeated in the “Railroad Classic” as a head coach. At West St. John he went 4-0 against St. James, and now here at St. James, he’s 3-0 against the Rams.

“I just hope I’m not jinxed. We work hard in the offseason, both programs, when I was there. Like I said, Coach Walters does a great job. What you want to do is work really hard to be 1-0 the first week. It does so much for your season,” said Valdez.

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