Hurricane Dorian generates more energy than 14 prior hurricane seasons

It was a storm for the history books with Dorian as multiple records were set through its life cycle.

Hurricane Dorian generates more energy than 14 prior hurricane seasons

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Hurricane Dorian will go down in the history books in multiple ways as the storm broke quite a few records.

As of Sunday morning, Dorian is now being designated as a post-tropical cyclone by the National Hurricane Center marking an end to an historical storm. Dorian was a named storm for a total of 14 days, a hurricane for 10 and a major hurricane for four and a half. The minimum pressure reached inside the eye of Dorian was 910 millibars tying it for the 9th lowest pressure recorded in the Atlantic Basin since 1980.

The Bahamas saw the worst of Dorian as the storm made landfall as a catastrophic Category 5 hurricane with winds of 185 mph which is the strongest hurricane to have hit the Bahamas.

A total of 47 units of accumulated cyclone energy were generated by Dorian. ACE as it’s called is a metric used to compare individual storms and is totaled for hurricane seasons as well. ACE is based off the duration and intensity of a storm and is calculated for every system that develops throughout the season.

Dorian actually generated more ACE on its own than the total ACE generated by 14 prior hurricane seasons.

All of these statistics were provided by Dr. Philip Klotzbach with Colorado State University.

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