Marigny residents say neighborhood bar is contributing to crime problem

Marigny residents say neighborhood bar is contributing to crime problem

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Marigny residents want to see something done about a neighborhood bar they say contributes to crime.

One person was injured after a shooting overnight and residents say it’s not the first time.

When speaking to the bar’s owner Saturday, residents were there too, and had a number of questions they wanted answered.

Bright flashes light up the screen as bullets flew. Surveillance video from a home near North Rampart and Touro in the Marigny shows someone in a black car open fire on another vehicle.

Bar patrons run for cover as shots ring out. Seconds later, a different gunman stumbles out of the targeted car and a man, appearing to be injured, hobbles to the sidewalk.

According to the NOPD, one person was taken to the hospital and police are still searching for all those involved.

Residents in the neighborhood say crime, especially violent crime, has become all too common and they believe they know why.

“These issues don’t happen outside of the donut shop or the praline shop or the restaurants. It’s legitimately this bar,” said resident Dario Bayardo.

Residents say 24-hour bar Iggy’s draws patrons from outside the area who cause problems for neighbors. Aside from trash and noise, they’re concerned for their safety.

“I don’t go there anymore. It used to be a real good neighborhood bar. I would never walk down there after midnight," said John Bedford.

Dave Grove has been part owner of Iggy’s for 16 years.

Since we’ve been here, we’ve definitely worked with everyone in this neighborhood to make sure it’s as safe as it can be. Unfortunately, it’s not safe enough, obviously," Grove said. I realize people are upset. I’m upset, too."

During an interview with FOX 8 Saturday, a number of residents confronted Grove seeking answers.

“I shouldn’t have to be out here being security for your bar and I believe you. I’m not against you and I don’t hate the bar, but if you own and establishment like this in a residential neighborhood, you have some responsibility on your shoulders to the neighbors,” Felipe Fischer told Grove.

I agree with you. We do have a responsibility, and we will work with you and, again, I didn’t know you were having problems," Grove responded.

By the end of the discussion, Grove agreed to consider all options in order to curb crime surrounding his bar, including closing at 2 a.m. and posting an armed guard at the door. He says he plans to continue the conversation until an acceptable solution is in place.

Residents and the bar’s owner tell FOX 8 they have been in contact with the city about concerns, but have not reached any resolution after multiple meetings.

The assistant city attorney issued a statement saying “the city is aware of complaints regarding the manner in which this establishment is operating and any nuisance activity at this location will be addressed.”

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