Marigny residents urge city, bar owners to take action against violent crime

Marigny residents urge city, bar owners to take action against violent crime

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Marigny neighbors say a panicked scene that followed gunfire in the area is the latest in an uptick of crime in the area.

Felipe Fischer lives near Iggy’s Bar, a neighborhood spot some residents have contributed to the increase of violence.

“If I had known this was going on in the neighborhood, honestly, I wouldn’t have paid good money, cash for a house,” Fischer said. “I just don’t know what we can do to work together as a bar owner and neighbors to make this a safer neighborhood.”

Fischer was among a group to confront the bar’s owner, Dave Grove, voicing their concerns over area violence after a shooting at North Rampart and Touro early Saturday morning (Sept. 8).

“If you have a concern, I’m going to work with you to make sure we are working together,” Grove said.

Dario Bayardo was also in that group.

“He did not know what to do, and I think any solution we, as residents, are going to propose is going to feel like it’s taking money out of his pocket,” Bayardo said.

Bayardo said this past weekend’s incident is just the latest in what’s become a common theme in his neighborhood.

“The frustration came with, as you’ve seen, how long we’ve been working on this,” he said.

In fact, he and neighbors petitioned the mayor’s office in October of 2018, asking for assistance in addressing their concerns. But, Bayardo said the city has been slow to take any meaningful action.

“The option they presented in February was taking them to court,” Bayardo said. “And I never got a phone call or email after that asking me to do anything else.”

A representative with the city attorney’s office said they are aware of concerns and that any nuisance activity there will be addressed.

And while Grove said he would like to work with neighbors to come up with a solution, Bayardo and Fischer said they still think they’ll need the city’s help.

“City discussion and then helping to create some sort of legislation the NOPD can actually enforce,” Bayardo said.

He said they’re hopeful leaders will hear them out, now that recent violence has reignited their fears.

“Unless, you’re getting out of your car and unloading your groceries, it’s not okay to just hang outside,” Bayardo said

The neighborhood association president said he has been in touch with several people with the city and is optimistic city leaders will intervene.

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