Wil Lutz named NFC Special Teams Player of Week 1

Wil Lutz named NFC Special Teams Player of Week 1
The New Orleans Saints host the Houston Texans on Monday Night Football. 2019 Season Opener (Source: WVUE: Mark Lagrange)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - On the heels of a walk-off field goal on Monday night that set a new career-best, Wil Lutz has been named the NFC’s top special teams player of the NFL’s first week.

Lutz hit three of his four field goals against the Texans, in addition to three extra points. This is the third time Lutz has garnered NFC Special Teams Player of the Week honors.

“Obviously, I’m confident in what I do, "Lutz said after the game. "I am confident in my operation. I knew with 37 seconds left we were going to have an opportunity to get at least close to field goal range. In that situation there is not a single kick I would turn down. Like we talked about the ebbs and flows of a game. The first half did not go my way and that is what this game is all about is bouncing back and being able to have your teammates have your back and make a kick like that. That’s got to be a top one moment for me.”

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