Police: 3 arrested for battery on an officer at a Kenner Walmart

Police: 3 arrested for battery on an officer at a Kenner Walmart
Jerald Flores-Monge, 18; Sandy Monge-Hernandez, 39; Wence Flores-Monge, 21 (Source: Kenner Police Department)

KENNER, La. (WVUE) -Three family members were arrested after screaming racial profanities at an employee at a Kenner Walmart.

Kenner Police say Tuesday around 8:30 p.m. a Kenner police officer working a detail was called to the front of the store at 8912 Veterans Boulevard by an employee.

The employee told the officer that two males approached her where she was standing near the self-checkout lanes. Both subjects began yelling racially related profanities and insults at her.

She was repeatedly called a “black b*tch,” and was questioned her as to why she was looking at them and told her if they wanted to, they could “rob her blind.”

The actions of the two subjects caused customers in the store to stop and watch.

The officer approached the two subjects, identified as Wence Flores-Monge, 21, of Metairie and Jerald Flores-Monge, 18, of Metairie, to inquire as to what was the problem.

Both subjects escalated their verbal attacks of the store employee and began cursing the officer. The officer instructed both subjects to leave the store.

Wence Flores-Monge refused to leave and continued cursing at the store employee.

The officer then instructed Wence that he was under arrest and attempted to handcuff him. Wence pushed at and pulled his arms away from the officer.

At that point several members of Wence’s family surrounded Wence to prevent the officer from making the arrest. The officer requested additional backup to the store and again approached Wence to make an arrest. The struggle became physical, Wence attempted to strike the officer.

Patrons within the business came to the aid of the officer.

While attempting to place handcuffs on Wence, Jerald and a third family member identified as Sandy Monge, 39, jumped in between the officer and Wence and both tried pulling the officers arms from Wence as if to free Wence from custody.

Additional officers arrived on scene and took Wence into custody.

Both Jerald and Sandy immediately turned to walk out the store when officers approached and instructed both to place their hands behind their back. Both, Sandy and Jerald refused and when officers attempted to place handcuffs on them, both pulled away and struggled with officers.

Wence Flores-Monge was booked for Disturbing the Peace, Remaining in Place After being Forbidden, Resisting Arrest, Refusal to Obey a Lawful Order, and Battery of a Police Officer.

Jerald Flores-Monge was booked for Disturbing the Peace, Remaining in Place After Being Forbidden, Refusal to Obey Lawful Order, and Resisting Arrest.

Sandy Monge-Hernandez was booked for Disturbing the Peace, Obstruction of Police, Refusal to Obey Lawful Order, Resisting Arrest and Battery of a Police Officer.

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