WWL Radio host takes leave of absence following homophobic message on social media

WWL Radio host takes leave of absence following homophobic message on social media
Seth Dunlap, a WWL Radio host, announced he is taking a leave of absence following a homophobic slur that was used on social media. (Source: Facebook)

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) -Seth Dunlap, a radio host at WWL AM-FM in New Orleans, said Thursday he is taking a leave of absence following a social media post in which someone used a homophobic slur on the station’s official Twitter account.

Dunlap, who is openly gay, was the target of the message on Tuesday.

In a Facebook post last week, Dunlap wrote to Drew Brees about his controversial relationship with the group Focus on the Family. Brees has faced criticism after he shared a promotional video linked to the group -- which identifies itself as an organization that opposes same sex marriage.

“His video and his reaction was hurtful to many people, including me, an openly gay man,” Dunlap wrote.

After the Saints’ game Monday, Dunlap - in his role as a sports journalist - tweeted a link of the story he wrote about the game and asked his followers for reaction to the win.

That’s when the homophobic tweet, posted from his employer’s own account, was posted.

Entercom, which owns WWL, said it was investigating the matter.

Dunlap released the following statement on Twitter on Thursday:

“I will be taking a leave of absence from my shows at WWL effective immediately. I informed the station of my decision earlier this afternoon. This decision was deeply personal and certainly not easy to make. I need to do what's best for me and also what I feel is right.

“Thanks to the many people inside and outside the organization who have shown their support over the past couple of days. There are many people working at WWL and Entercom who are wonderful people, and have been unfairly swept up in this.

Most importantly, to all of the LGBTQ+ people out there please know that your voices are being heard. I have tried hard to not make this about me because, truthfully, it's not. It's about a culture of hate and bigotry that has proliferated recently in our society.

“I look forward to speaking more about this incident soon. Don’t worry, I’m not going away. I am just taking time to decide what’s best for my career, but also for my life away the microphone.”

Dunlap is the host of “The Last Lap.” He also participates in Saints coverage.

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