Peak Season: Five areas being watched by the hurricane center

It’s the peak of hurricane season as a total of five systems are located in the Atlantic.

Peak Season: Five areas being watched by the hurricane center
tropical development (Source: tropical development)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - A total of five areas are being monitored by the National Hurricane Center for tropical development.

One of those areas is located in the Gulf of Mexico where a non-tropical area of low pressure is spinning westward south of Louisiana. This area has a low chance of development as it’s associated with an upper level low which is technically not tropical in nature. If something was to organize, it would wait till early next week as it moves into the Texas coast. Now this low pressure will act to spin a few showers our way this weekend.

Tropical Storm Humberto continues to organize near the northern Bahamas and could become a hurricane over the next few days. This storm is now expected to miss the East Coast as it will take a hard right turn and head out to sea. There is the chance that Bermuda may have some impacts from Humberto next week.

Three other areas are highlighted out in the tropical Atlantic between Africa and the Lesser Antilles. One area has a medium chance of development while the other two have low chances. These are so far out there, they really are of no concern for us. Many times when storms develop that far east, they head harmlessly out to sea.

It’s very active out there right now but Louisiana and South Mississippi have nothing to be concerned with.

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