After Further Review: Brees injury puts his run of durability in perspective

After Further Review: Brees injury puts his run of durability in perspective
Drew Brees relegated to the sideline after injuring the thumb on his throwing hand in a loss against the Rams (Source: Edwin Goode, FOX 8)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -We’ve all witnessed Drew Brees, the future Hall of Fame quarterback.

But perhaps we haven’t appreciated Brees, the ironman, enough.

Since 2006, Brees has always been available. It sounds so simple, but number nine has always shown up. He’s only missed one game in a Saints uniform to injury. That was back in 2015. It’s a luxury many teams have not had over the course of the last 14 seasons.

That luxury, for the first time of the Sean Payton era, is in doubt.

For the first time ever as a Saints, Brees suffered an in-game injury that knocked him out of the game Sunday against the Rams.

After the game, Brees’ words were brief but his body language spoke volumes.

The usual positivity and optimism that Brees embodies win or lose was simply not there. Instead, there was legit fear of the unknown surrounding his injury.

“I’m concerned. I hope it’s not significant,” Brees said postgame.

And it happened on a pretty normal play. Brees fired an incomplete pass to Jared Cook but his thumb hit the hand of Aaron Donald early in the first quarter.

The shock of not having Brees puts his remarkable run of durability in perspective. Football is a violent game, yet somehow, year after year, play after play, Brees had been able to keep an amazingly clean bill of health.

Now, Brees, the Saints and the city await word on the severity of his thumb.

No one knows for sure, but It certainly felt like everyone is coming to grips with the reality that this injury could linger for some time.

But despite the circumstances, all hope is not lost. Teddy Bridgewater is not Brees, we know that. Bridgewater knows that. But Sean Payton is a skilled enough offensive game-planner to devise a plan that suits Bridgewater and at least gives his team a chance to win games. If things go off the rails, Payton also has the option of Taysom Hill.

Regardless of who it is, if Brees can’t go, it will undoubtedly look different. It may even require them to run the ball more and play better defense. Overall, they’ll attempt to do what they have to win enough games to stay above water for however long Brees could potentially out.

It’s a thought this organization has never had to deal with before but now it’s a reality.

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