Juan’s World: C’mon Refs. Not again!!!

Juan’s World: C’mon Refs. Not again!!!
Cam Jordan scoops up a fumble en route to the end zone against the Rams. The play was whistled dead prematurely so a touchdown was not registered. (Source: Edwin Goode, FOX 8)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Welcome into Juan’s World and let me start by saying, I am not a fan of blaming the referees for everything bad that happens to the Saints.

But, enough is enough. These guys in the zebra stripes are ruining the game for Saints fans. And showing just how much of a farce the league is becoming when it comes to disciplining the guys that are supposed to get the easy calls right.

Get over the Nola No-Call, ‘other’ fans say. Ok, well, Saints fans will get over and past that when they stop getting reminders that the refs are going to do their job correctly. Who knows when that’ll be but it can’t happen soon enough.

Their latest ‘goof’ was a blown call on the Saints strip and touchdown return of a Jared Goff fumble that Cam Jordan took to the house. Only for the whistle to blow and the refs to first rule it an incomplete pass. And later changed to a fumble.

After the game, the NFL’s Senior V-P OF Officiating, Al Riveron said, ‘we tell our referees, when in doubt, to let it play out. If it is an incomplete pass, we can always come back and make it an incomplete pass. In this situation as it occurs here, the most we can do is give the ball to the defense. But, we cannot, by rule, give them the advance.’

The key words in that statement from Riveron are, ‘we tell our referees, when in doubt, to let it play out.’ My question to Riveron is, 'why aren’t your referees following directions? Why aren’t they able to make the easy calls?

There’s no good answer to this question for a Saints fan. They’re too far down ‘conspiracy theory’ road to listen to what the NFL has to say about blown calls. So Riveron or NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, don’t even bother. That ship has sailed.

‘They Hate us because they Ain’t Us’, is the Saints mantra right now. And I beginning to think that they’re right.

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