Amish buggy stopped with 2 men drinking spiked iced tea and a case of beer on the roof

The buggy had a stereo system, too

NORTH BLOOMFIELD, Ohio (WJS/CNN) – In Trumbull County’s Amish Country, the problems are often the same as the rest of the world, they just look a little different.

Authorities are trying to find two men who took off running when they were pulled over for drinking and driving … in a buggy.

A sheriff's deputy was on patrol in North Bloomfield when he spotted two Amish men drinking spiked iced tea. On top of the buggy was a 12-pack of beer.

And one more thing, the buggy was tricked out with a stereo system and large speakers.

Because the horse and buggy are considered a vehicle, drinking and driving laws apply.

“It is a vehicle. It’s on the roadway and the OVI (Operating a Vehicle Impaired) laws do apply,” said Chief Deputy Joe Dragovich with the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office. “You’re not allowed to drink and drive or operate a buggy."

The deputy pulled the buggy over, but the two men weren’t sticking around to talk and bolted into a heavily-wooded area on the side of the road.

At the same, the horse pulling the buggy took off running.

The deputy caught the horse after a short chase, but the men got away.

A local farmer is taking care of the horse until authorities can find the owner.

The sheriff’s office still wants to talk with the men, who could be charged with failure to comply when the deputy ordered them to stop.

“Maybe there’s just that fear of the consequences and that would be a reality for them, that there are consequences,” said Dragovich. “But I encourage him to come forward get their buggy and horse.”

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