Loyola student arrested in connection with sexual battery reported at the Boot Bar and Grill

Loyola student arrested in connection with sexual battery reported at the Boot Bar and Grill
Carlos Pena Cifuentes, 21, is accused of sexually assaulting a woman at the Boot Bar and Grill early Friday (Sept. 20), according to NOPD. (Source: OPSO)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - A third incident of sexual assault connected to The Boot Bar and Grill was reported early Friday (Sept. 20), according to Loyola University Police Chief Todd Warren.

Patricia Murret, a spokeswoman for the university, said a student was arrested in connection with the most recent incident Saturday night and New Orleans police later identified him as 21-year-old Carlos Pena Cifuentes. According to NOPD, Cifuentes is originally from Madrid, Spain but is currently a student at Loyola.

According to police, a woman reported being at The Boot between 2:30 a.m. and 3 s.m. when a man approached her on the dance floor. The woman told police he spoke to her in Spanish and then touched her without consent, “in a way that constituted sexual battery,” Warren said in an email.

The victim said she immediately pushed him away from her and hit him before walking away. A few minutes later, the same person “attempted to lure her away from her friends,” Warren said. The victim said she then left the bar and went home.

However, Warren said they suspect a different person was drugged that night, after learning a woman who was at the same bar was incapacitated after only having one drink.

Warren said the suspect’s description was similar to two other incidents that have reportedly began The Boot in the past month. The victim described him as an average height and weight, with a light complexion and short, brown curly hair. She also said he claimed to be a Loyola student, spoke English with a Spanish accent and had a light complexion.

Cifuentes was booked into the Orleans Justice Center jail Saturday on one count of sexual battery, court records show. As of Saturday night, both NOPD and Murret said he was not accused in connection with the other two assaults.

Warren said Loyola Police is working alongside New Orleans Police and Tulane University Police regarding all three incidents. Anyone with information is asked to call LUPD at 504-865-3434 or NOPD at 504-821-2222 or TUPD at 504-865-5381.

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