Zack: Passing Showers & A Breeze For Saturday

A strong easterly wind will make for a nice breeze this weekend but the flow off the Gulf will bring some showers.

Zack: Saturday morning weather forecast

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The weak front that passed by the area on Friday has weakened but it has left a strong easterly wind in its wake which will lead to some shower activity to start the weekend.

Breezy east winds will keep high temperatures in the 80s today which would be only the second day this month without a high temperature of 90 or above. Now those east winds will also bring in some showers off the Gulf as we will see about a 40% rain coverage today. They will be fast movers so expect any rain to be on and off.

Going into Sunday we revert back to the dry weather we have grown accustomed to. There will be one or two showers but that chance will only be around 20%. Most areas will be dry and that means back to 90 degrees we go. Looking ahead to next week it just looks plain old hot and dry as highs head for the 90s each and every afternoon.

In the tropics the only storm out there is Tropical Storm Jerry. Outside of that we are monitoring multiple disturbances but none of them pose a risk to the Gulf Coast.

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