Fans celebrate Saints’ win over Seattle

Saints fans celebrate win against Seahawks

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - With Drew Brees out with a thumb injury, Saints fans were skeptical at first about their backup quarterback ahead of their game against the Seattle Seahawks Sunday (Sept. 22), but by the end of the game, fans said they were convinced Teddy Bridgewater could deliver.

“Choppa Style! Game day! Yes, Teddy can!” Debbie Shatz exclaimed ahead of the game.

With Bridgewater at the helm instead of Brees, fans were cautiously optimistic.

“I think most of our playbook is based upon Drew Brees and Teddy is a great quarterback but Drew is one of the best who’s ever played the game,” one fan said.

Brees is out for six weeks due to a thumb injury he suffered during the Rams game last week.

“We’ve been so lucky. It’s just bound to happen,” Shatz said.

And with the unfortunate way the Rams game played out, fans like Roxanne Legere said they thought the black and gold didn’t stand a chance.

“After last game, I really didn’t have much hope, but we’ve been killing it this game,” Legere said.

Starting with a punt return touchdown at the top of the first quarter, the initial revelry didn’t last long. The Seahawks tied it up and Saints fans were, again, on the edge of their seats.

“I’m not super enthused about Teddy,” one fan said.

“As long as offense stays off the field, we’ll be great,” another offered.

But the Who Dat Nation rallied anyway.

“Who dat! Let’s do it,” Kenneth Julian cheered.

With their luck seeming to stay, fans at Bayou Beer Garden like Truck Frederic began to loosen up even more.

“A little bit of Michael Thomas in my life, a little bit of Kamara by my side, a little bit of Teddy is what I need,” Frederick sang, to the tune of Mambo No. 5.

And their optimism paid off.

The Saints started to dominate and reigned the field until it was too late for Seattle to come back. And then, for the first time in Brees’ career with the team, the Saints won a regular season game without their star quarterback.

“I think we showed up in a big way today. We pivoted,” Clare Doyle said.

Fans said it’s proof the team can stand on its own until Brees gets back.

“Makes the team believe we can win without Brees,” Samuel Fleming said.

“While he’s gone, we have a power packed team to hold it down,” Legere said.

That team will be put to the test again next week, when the Saints face off against the Cowboys on Sunday.

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