Armed robber steals cell phone and woman’s car in Gentilly

Armed robber steals cell phone and woman’s car in Gentilly

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The husband of an armed robbery victim became choked up, when he told FOX 8 what happened Tuesday night just outside his home.

“It was about 9:45 last night and my wife had just come in from visiting someone at the hospital, and she said she noticed a guy coming from the other direction,” says the victim’s husband.

He says his wife was on the phone with her friend, when she pulled up, parked and got out of her car. He says the man approached her with a gun.

“As he got closer, he was going into his pocket and that’s when he produced his gun. He took her phone and hung it up,” says the victim’s husband.

He says his wife tried to reason with the gunman.

“She’s telling him like hold up. I don’t have anything. I think her initial reaction was to try to diffuse the situation. I guess it caught him off guard by not screaming or going anything erratic,” says the victim’s husband.

The victim’s husband says the gunman then told his wife, he wasn’t going to steal at least one of her possessions.

“She had her work computer as he walked up he told her to put the computer down. She walked up, and he told her to pick it up. You can take that. Now go ahead after everything was done like he was doing her a service,” says the victim’s husband.

He says the armed robber jumped in her car and took off. His wife frantically began beating on the front door for help.

“As I’m opening the door, she says somebody just robbed me,” says the victim’s husband.

His wife was not hurt. Still, the whole experience has both of them shaken.

“We’ve had a rash of burglaries, car burglaries as everyone else does but you don’t expect it to happen at your front door,” says the victim’s husband.

Online NOPD data shows police investigated eight vehicle break-ins and four burglaries in the past seven days within a mile radius of the victim’s home. Her husband says more needs to be done to not only catch the person responsible, but to stop the criminal activity in New Orleans.

“They’re not going to win. They can’t succeed because there’s more of us than them. We just have to do what we are supposed to do and not become so scared or so guarded that we leave the community to them,” says the victim’s husband.

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