Recovery crews say they found the wreckage of Theophile Bourgeois’ Seaplane

Recovery crews say they found the wreckage of Theophile Bourgeois’ Seaplane

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - More than a month after a plane went down killing one of the most popular charter boat captains in the region this morning, a team of local recovery experts say that plane was located.

A portion of the wreckage was brought in to Slidell this morning by a team with extensive recovery experience.

Mark Michaud and Tommy Williams arrived about an hour and a half ago after spotting the wreckage of the plane which belong to Lafitte charter boat Captain Theophile Bourgeois earlier this morning.

The team says they spotted the wreckage and brought back a piece of the tail of Bourgeois's plane as they were just beginning a wide sonar search of an area called Bay Boudreaux in St Bernard parrish. This wasn't the first effort to recover the plane and the team used sonar from earlier searches to help decide where they would look today. The search team believes the plane became exposed due to heavy seas changing its position. On board the recovery boat was Mark Michaud a former Slidell police officer who has been involved in many recovery missions.

'What I'm thinking it didn't bury up in the mud enough so much of the fuselage is still intact. But it looks like it's balled up pretty good," said Michaud, with Southeast Louisiana Search and Recovery.

Michaud was part of a team that recovered the body of a missing New Orleans school teacher several years ago in Bayou St John as well as a missing UNO student out in New Orleans East.

He is now retired from the Slidell police department and works exclusively in recovery and training.

Theophile Bourgeois’s body was recovered near the crash scene back on August 18th. Two of his customers survived the crash.

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