Deputies investigating claim of cop impersonator pulling woman over near state line

Deputies investigating claim of cop impersonator pulling woman over near state line
Residents are on alert after reports of a man impersonating a police officer in two different parts of Louisiana

WILKINSON COUNTY, Miss. (WAFB) - Deputies have confirmed they are investigating a claim that a man impersonating a cop allegedly pulled someone over on the highway.

The Wilkinson County Sheriff’s Office and the East Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office are investigating a claim that a young woman was pulled over by a man in a police officer’s uniform on Highway 33 in Mississippi near the Louisiana-Mississippi state line.

“We’re working this investigation very actively with all the people that are involved,” said East Feliciana Sheriff Jeff Travis. “We’re about to start calling the other places, like St. Charles, that have had this problem.”

Officials say the man was driving an unmarked black Dodge Charger with dark-tinted windows.

“It creates a problem. It’s hard enough for the men and women in law enforcement to do their job because they need the trust of the citizens,” said Travis.

Originally reported by Fox8 in New Orleans, a similar incident occurred on Sunday, Sept. 29 on I-10 in St. Charles Parish. Deputies have not confirmed whether the two reports are connected.

Deputies in St. Charles describe the man as being in his 40s, medium-sized build, with a large Chinese symbol tattooed on his neck.

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In both instances, after asking questions to verify the man’s employment with a law enforcement agency, the man left without saying anything or issuing any tickets.

“In Louisiana, a legal, valid traffic stop is only made by an officer in uniform and or in a marked vehicle," East Feliciana Chief Deputy Greg Phares said. “So if somebody dressed like you or me in an unmarked vehicle, a pickup truck, or something like that attempts a traffic stop, it’s not even legal in Louisiana.”

He adds that if you can’t see how an officer is dressed, you can call 911 to make sure the person is a real officer. Phares also recommends you drive into a populated and well-lit area and ask to see identification from the officer.

If you know anything about this case or encounter anyone matching this description, officials urge you to call 911 or your local police agency.

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