Did someone’s pet monkey get loose? Was it a squirrel? We may never know.

Whatever is was, it’s off in the woods now

Did someone’s pet monkey get loose? Was it a squirrel? We may never know.
Harrison County animal control officers look for what had been reported as a monkey along Tradition Boulevard on Tuesday. (Source: John Fitzhugh)

HARRISON COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - Was it a monkey or a fox squirrel? We may never know. We do know that it is brown and black and has a very fluffy tail.

A motorist spotted an animal Tuesday around 12 p.m. and posted a video of it on the Citizens of Saucier Facebook page thinking it was a monkey.

Pretty sure this is some kind of monkey running around near Tradition. Anyone missing a weird pet?

Posted by Ginny Hale on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Although they hadn’t had any reports of a lost monkey, Harrison County Animal Control officers searched the area along Tradition Boulevard near Wortham Road for the mysterious animal.

“We can’t confirm or deny the fact of whether it’s a monkey or what appears to be a fox squirrel. We can’t confirm one way or the other,” said Harrison County animal control officer Donald Necaise, “The animal actually took off into the wooded area, and we haven’t been able to locate it.”

Necaise and his partner made their best effort but realized there wasn’t much they could do.

Had it been a lost monkey, Necaise said he didn’t like his chances.

“These are some thick woods, and it would be kind of hard to track down a monkey. We would probably do everything we could in reference to speaking with the professionals to find out what we could use as far as bait and try to get a trap.”

The consensus on Facebook agreed that the animal was most likely a fox squirrel. Though no-one posted a recipe, there were several suggestions that their size made them good eating.

For Necaise, an 18-year animal control veteran, the call has made it to the top of his list of odd calls.

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