Overtime Podcast #79 - Triple Coverage, Week 5

Overtime Podcast #79 - Triple Coverage, Week 5

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The Saints are hoping that their steady, collected approach with Teddy Bridgewater will win out against the erratic and explosive style of Jameis Winston when the Buccaneers come to town. Meanwhile, Louisiana has a trio of ranked teams in LSU, Southeastern and Nicholls with Tulane knocking on the door of the Top 25 as they head to Army. In the prep ranks, district play is giving contenders a chance to shine.

Sean Fazende on Teddy Bridgewater’s performance against the Cowboys:

“When I went back and watched, there were about 4 or 5 plays that he left on the field, that were not necessarily risky throws, that could have been big plays. Hopefully that has been shown to him in the film. I have no doubt it would be because you can still protect the football and make a play that would be a big play that might not be as risky as you might think. That’s where I’m at with Teddy Bridgewater.”

Chris Hagan on the Saints’ mentality facing the Buccaneers:

“It’s a different feeling Bucs team and had Brees not been injured, I wonder if after looking at the first four games which we’ve been talking about since April, this might be the overlooked game. You come off of playing four really good teams, playoff teams and you kind of sleep walk against the Bucs but I think there’s no such thing as a sleepwalking team when you have Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback and that’s not a slight against Teddy or the offense, it’s just that things are different and I don’t think you can afford to get into a shootout and that’s kind of how this game has been for a couple years.”

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