Gray TV Poll: Louisiana voters would re-elect President Donald Trump

Gray TV Poll: Louisiana voters would re-elect President Donald Trump
In this Sunday, Sept. 22, 2019, file photo, President Donald Trump speaks at a news conference in Webster, Texas. Louisiana voters said in a Gray TV poll that they would re-elect Trump if the election was held today. (Source: Evan Vucci)

NEW ORLEANS (GRAY TV) - In a new, exclusive Gray Television poll looking ahead to next year’s presidential election, most Louisiana voters said they would re-elect Republican Donald Trump instead of replacing him with a Democrat.

The poll, conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling and Strategy on behalf of the six Louisiana Gray Television stations, shows 51% of the 625 registered voters polled would vote for Trump if the election were held today.

The poll indicates 43% said they would replace him with a Democrat while 6% were not sure.

GRAY TV Poll on how voters feel about President Donald Trump
GRAY TV Poll on how voters feel about President Donald Trump (Source: GRAY TV)

Political analyst Mike Sherman said the numbers falling along party-lines shouldn’t come as a surprise.

“The biggest conclusion is tribalism is in effect loud and clear. What that means is Republicans don’t just like him, they love him. Democrats don’t just not like him, they strongly dislike him. In a deep red state like Louisiana, President Trump is still popular, but only 51% of the vote,” Sherman said.

President Trump’s strongest support comes from Northern and South-Central Louisiana where he garnered 61% and 60% respectively for re-election. In the Baton Rouge area, 51% said they would re-elect Trump.

The president’s support is weakest in the New Orleans area where 40% say they would vote for Trump while 50% said they would replace him.

“Over 60% of voters in north Louisiana, South-Central, nearly 60% support. Very different when you get to urban centers like Baton Rouge and New Orleans with large group of Democrats and African American voters,” Sherman said.

Along gender lines, 58% of Louisiana men said they will support Trump while 37% say they would replace him. As far as women, 48% say they would like to see a Democrat as president while 45% say they support Trump.

When it comes to whether voters would like to see Trump impeached in the latest inquiry proceeding over the whistleblower complaint, 57% of Louisiana voters polled oppose impeachment while 35% support it.

Across the state most do not support impeachment. In Northern Louisiana 71% oppose impeachment, South Central Louisiana it’s 65% and in the Baton Rouge area 59% oppose impeachment. The New Orleans area is the only region included in the poll supporting impeachment with 48%.

The poll also asked if Louisiana voters approve or disapprove of Trump’s job performance as president. Across the state 51% approve while 45% said they disapprove. The disparity occurs between men and women with 49% of women disapproving of his performance while 59% of men approve.

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