‘This is crazy. We’re living in fear:' Lakeview residents say vehicle break-ins are worsening

Lakeview Car Burglaries

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Some Lakeview residents say their vehicles have repeatedly been broken into, and even stolen in the last month. They say the problem is getting out of hand.

"Our doors get opened and glove boxes run through I would say once every three weeks or so," Rickey Dantin said.

Dantin said his truck was broken into Saturday in the 6800 block of Louis the XIV street.

According to police, two men rummaged through the center console and glove box for valuables. Dantin said this isn’t the first time his truck’s been hit..

"Two weeks ago I was actually standing right here under a tree walking my dog, and noticed them opening doors as they were coming down the street," Dantin said.

He said it wasn't long before they approached his truck.

"Started to climb in the vehicle and I yelled at them to get out, and they did and just sped off," Dantin said.

Dantin's neighbor said his SUV was broken into three times in the past three months.

"Smash the window, grab what they can, and take off and get the next care and the next car and the next car," Jim Capella said.

Residents said they've stopped leaving valuables in their vehicles, but it's still costing them hundreds of dollars.

"The last time they got me for two quarters and a nickel. so it cost me $275 for a window," Capella said.

A few blocks down on West End Boulevard, residents said they're facing the same problem..

Heather Cina said both her and her neighbor's vehicles were hit three weeks ago.

"They broke into their work van, they broke into my truck, my car, they stole my neighbor's BMW," Cina said.

They were targeted again that same week.

"Then Friday morning, wake up, come outside and they broke into my husband's truck, and broke into another one of their vehicles," Cina said.

Residents believe the problem's getting out of hand.

"They're smashing car windows in front of St. Dominic's when the moms go in to get their kids. They don't have a rhyme or reason as far as when and where they are. It's a crime of opportunity. whenever they see something, they're going to do it," Gino Ascani said.

"I would like to just see more security and get a handle on all of this. I mean, this is crazy. we're living in fear. Don't know if you're going to come out and find your car, is it going to be there? Is it going to be in one piece? What's going on?" Cina asked.

Some critics blame the consent decree for the growing problem, which restricts officers from chasing.

Lakeview residents say they will be hosting a night out against crime next week to address the issue.

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