High-powered Tulane offense continues to roll

High-powered Tulane offense continues to roll
Tulane head coach Willie Fritz celebrates win over Army. (Source: PARKER_WATERS)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - After watching Tulane's offense for five games now, their philosophy's become clear.

Tulane's Willie Fritz

"One of my first jobs, the head coach told the offensive coordinator, ‘Let’s get the fast guys the ball in space,' said Tulane head coach Willie Fritz.

Those have become words to live by, especially for running back Amare Jones, who had 169 total yards and a pair touchdowns last weekend against Army.

“If you get those fast, quick guys the ball in space, something good is going to happen. No longer can that be, with a running back, just handing him the ball. You’ve got to get him the ball on the perimeter, either by handing it or passing it, or running and handing it off, getting on the perimeter,” said Fritz.

“As an offense, I feel like we haven’t found our true identity yet. We’re still putting pieces together to see what we’re going to call our bread and butter. It seems to be working right now. But once we find the bread and butter, and we mix in everything else, it’s going to be unstoppable,” said running back Amare Jones.

If you watched that win over Army, you saw that it was more than just Jones making big plays in the run game. In fact, one of the biggest problems Tulane has in a game where they can rush for more than 300 yards, just finding a way to get everyone the football.

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