Three gubernatorial candidates face off in final debate

Governor candidates face off in final debate

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) -The three candidates in Louisiana’s gubernatorial race took center stage Wednesday night.

The debate comes as strong early voting numbers are revealed.

While the governors race is certainly a priority for many voters, the ballot also contains a lot of very closely watched races at the state, parish, and municipal levels.

And those races seemed to pull more people out for early voting.

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The Secretary of State’s Office reports that more than 23,000 people showed up early to vote in Jefferson Parish alone compared to 14,000 just four years ago.

Some analysts believe the larger turnout could simply be attributed to changing voter habits and those who just want to get their ballots in before election day.

As the top three candidates for governor prepare to try and sway voters for the last time in tonight’s debate, those at the Registrar of Voters office say the numbers seem to predict a lot interest in the race one way or the other.

President Trump will also be in Louisiana Friday before the election to ramp up support for the Republican Party, but some analyst feel that message could end up splitting the vote in favor of the incumbent.

The Final Debate

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