TRANSCRIPT: Sean Payton’s Friday media availability

Saints visit Jacksonville on Sunday

Sean Payton presser - Kamara questionable vs. Jaguars

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton post practice media availability

Friday, October 11, 2019

Q. Did Alvin (Kamara) get hurt during the middle of the week this week?

Sean Payton (SP): “I’m not going to discuss anything relative to that.”

Q. Have you guys been kind of updating how you guys do load management this year with your early in the week practices?

SP: “Absolutely. It started really in training camp. Our new fun term is load management that we’re all (using), but it’s just being smart, paying attention to the games you’ve played and then specifically the players.”

Q. So it’s just Wednesdays?

SP: “It’s not defined. The last couple (weeks) we’ve done more of a walkthrough, but that’s by no means our normal schedule. A lot of it has to do with who you’re playing and when you play.”

Q. When it comes to your offensive game plan, how often are willing are you to change plans last second, if somebody like Jalen Ramsey did or did not play?

SP: “Our game plan doesn’t change like that. We’re mindful of where the good players are. All week long we talk about (it), we go (it) through at the beginning of the week, the personnel, we talk about it in our meetings. It’s no different than in the middle of a game if someone’s injured. It’s not going to change a game plan. It might be you do something a little different within the game plan, run a certain direction or throw a certain direction. He’s a real good football player and we’re prepared for him to play.”

Q. Is there anything that you get to kind of point out with some of the red zone struggles early this year and did you feel like it was where you wanted it to be last week against Tampa?

SP: “It was better last week, third down and red zone. I think we’re still a work in progress though offensively and defensively and those teams that are good at years end are usually pretty good in the red zone and third down on offense and defense. So (it’s) something that we’re still improving on and having to work on.”

Q. Have you seen anything the last couple of years from some of these former air raid quarterbacks? Are they coming in more prepared via concept wise or is it partially the league today and maybe it fits more of their game?

SP: “I think history has told us the guys that end up playing and playing well in our league can come from a lot of different offensive (systems). It used to be the run and shoot. There’s been some really, really successful college quarterbacks in that offense that were drafted extremely high in our league that never made it. Then there’s been some that have, and there’s been guys that haven’t maybe been in a passing offense that became real good pro quarterbacks. Obviously, we’re taking what we’re given, what we’re seeing, and what we’re evaluating. I don’t know, I think in general, players are (participating in) seven on seven (drills, tournaments and camps) earlier in their age, high school. We’re a little bit further advanced in the passing game, but it doesn’t predict success at this level. I think how a quarterback processes the information, how quickly he processes the information, how accurate he is with the football, can he move and adjust in the pocket. Those are the things that we’re trying to measure when we’re evaluating that position.”

Q. With that being said about Gardner Minshew who thrown into the fire in week one, what has made him so confident and consistent?

SP: “He’s a good leader. He’s smart. He understands their offense. He was a real good college player and I think that’s helped him. You can see his leadership on the tape when you watch him. If things break down, he’s someone that can move around and extend plays.”

Q. Was (Latavius) Murray injury-related, his absence today?

SP: “His was not. It’ll be posted (on the injury report).

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