Voting machines placed at polling locations

Voting Machines Taken to Polling Stations

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - Crews in Orleans Parish are in the process of getting voting machines in place on Friday (Oct. 11) for Saturday’s general election.

And officials said the hundreds of machines have all been thoroughly checked for any malfunctions or security issues. Crews were loading up machines and taking them to their designated spots from the voting machine warehouse on Chef Menteur Hwy.

But as Orleans Parish chief election officer Arthur Morrell has said in the past, each of these machines is its own computer which means if you wanted to change the outcome of an election, you would have to essentially hack each machine individually.

Later this morning, Morrell will hold a conference to explain what will be on the ballot this year and any changes to the voting booths or polling locations.

Both Orleans and Jefferson parishes are expected to see huge turnouts and both clerks of court have said they believe their polls to be some of the most secure in the country.

During early voting, Jefferson Parish saw an 88% uptick from the last gubernatorial election with more than 23,000 people, while Orleans Parish also saw nearly 25,000 early voters.

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