Trump stumps for republican candidates; Edwards also rallies voters

Trump stumps for republican candidates; Edwards also rallies voters

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Saturday is Election Day. Friday, candidates worked down to the wire to rally voters.

Louisiana's gubernatorial race is shaping up to be a battle between one Democrat, two Republicans and the President of the United States.

"Angry, I'm really angry at John Bel Edwards. He hasn't done the job," said President Donald Trump.

President Trump flew in to promote his party 12 hours before polls are set to open and just hours after Governor John Bel Edwards held his own event.

"I want to welcome him to Louisiana, as always. Obviously, perhaps I wish this visit was under a little different circumstances," said the democratic incumbent.

Yet, Edwards says he and the President have a good working relationship and if he were re-elected, that would not change.

"I've been to visit President Trump nine times, working with him to find solutions on important issues facing the country and the state of Louisiana," explained Edwards.

Edwards continued to tout his work with Republicans, stressing most of his accomplishments as governor were done on a "bipartisan basis".

"We brought Republicans and Democrats and Independents together to turn a record budget deficit into a surplus, to reform our criminal justice system and to give teachers their first pay raise in a decade," Edwards said.

But by eight o'clock in Lake Charles, there was no blurring party lines.

"You will head to the polls and you will vote to replace a liberal Democrat who has sold you out, John Bel Edwards, with a great, new, republican governor," Trump told the audience.

Both republican candidates— Ralph Abraham and Eddie Rispone-- took the mic. They tried to individually appeal to voters while focusing on party affiliation.

"We need a conservative. We need a businessman. We need someone who's not beholden to special interest. We need someone who will fight for Louisiana!" said Rispone.

"I just want to thank the president for coming to Louisiana and making Louisiana, we need him to make Louisiana great again and myself!" Abraham said.

These last-minute pleas and pledges, as candidates near the home stretch in this gubernatorial race, are their final push to sway voters, ensure turnout and, just maybe, secure victory.

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