Overtime Podcast #87 - Triple Coverage, Week 7

Overtime Podcast #87 - Triple Coverage, Week 7

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The Saints, LSU and Tulane keep winning while Nicholls is picking up steam and high school football has a shake-up at the top of the FOX 8 Big 8 Rankings. Episode 87 of Overtime explores the weekend ahead for South Louisiana football.

Sean Fazende on Teddy Bridgewater’s perception:

“Okay, great as a backup quarterback but is he the answer? I think fans are swaying back and forth when they watch him so for this moment only, just watch him as the number two quarterback when all they want to do is get out with a victory. That’s all that matters and leave what’s going to happen next year, or years after, when or if Brees retires and when or if Bridgewater is up for a contract, leave that up to next year because for right now, he’s doing exactly what he has to do.”

Chris Hagan on LSU avoiding a trap game at Mississippi State:

“There have been some tough games there over the years so he can use that, not that Burrow or Ja’Marr Chase were on that team, a lot of guys weren’t but those that were, will have a memory of a lot of cowbells making a lot of noise and the Tigers making a lot of bad plays so I don’t think they overlook this contest.”

Juan Kincaid on Tulane’s trip to Memphis:

“If you’re Memphis, you’re saying ‘ya know what, we’re just going to put seven or eight in the box and make you beat us with Justin McMillan, over the top, underneath with pass plays.’ The question is if Memphis’ corners are good enough to play man-up defense on the island by themselves and be successful.”

Hagan on Nicholls’ hot start to the Southland campaign:

“It should be no surprise to see their ranking at #9. A lot of that is because they’re a proven team, they’ve been in the playoffs a couple times, they’ve now won in the playoffs and Chase Fourcade in his senior season is once again playing really well.”

Garland Gillen on Rummel moving to #1 in the FOX 8 Big 8 Rankings:

“Six games in, do you know how many points they’ve given up?! Six points! No touchdowns! They start 9 seniors on defense. That defense is out of this world.”

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