Watching Gulf for tropical development

David: Tuesday Night Forecast

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Low pressure is expected to form over the Southwest Gulf of Mexico by Thursday. It’s possible that a depression or tropical storm could form by Friday and head in the general direction of Southeast Louisiana and Mississippi.

FOX 8 Chief Meteorologist David Bernard says an upper disturbance over Texas would move any area of low pressure rapidly northeast on Friday and Saturday. The highest impact day would be on Saturday. Bernard says we are not expecting a hurricane but a depression or tropical storm is possible.

It’s also possible that any low that forms could go just east of the area taking most of the impacts with it. Bernard says the greatest concern is for the damaged Hard Rock building in Downtown New Orleans. Heavy rain and wind could make the structure and disabled crane even more unstable.

Stay with FOX 8 Local First for additional developments surrounding the tropics.

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