OSHA and NOPD begin investigation into Hard Rock Hotel collapse

The Hard Rock Hotel on Canal Street, which was still under construction, partially collapsed...
The Hard Rock Hotel on Canal Street, which was still under construction, partially collapsed Saturday (Oct. 12) killing one person and injuring several others.
Published: Oct. 18, 2019 at 3:34 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - While the cranes are a priority, there’s still a major collapse investigation ahead.

Investigators have preserved items from the building for the ongoing investigation into the partial collapse.

The investigation into the partial collapse has been ongoing, however the mayor said Friday they have finished preserving the evidence and documents and more from within the Hard Rock Hotel.

OSHA workers have been in the building conducting their parallel investigation. They have now partnered with the New Orleans Police Department for the investigation moving forward.

New Orleans Fire Department Chief Tim McConnell says they have been assisting in whatever way they can with the investigation, including locating and preserving documents.

He says they’ve pulled those documents, computers, files and more from various points within the building and have been put under lock and key until further review.

“I can’t comment on the kind, but I can say every single document, computer book, anything inside that building that would have been a recordation,” says McConnell. “Blueprints were recorded where it was located within those offices. They have temporary offices. It was all collected and put into boxes that recorded the location it came from. Picture the way you collect evidence, put in a locked container, then put with evidence like police do everyday. It’s not strange to us. It was a lot more than we normally collect but it was evidence collection.”

City and emergency leaders have not commented much on the investigation into the partial collapse at this point. That’s still the case after they made mention of preserving the documents as well.

OSHA and NOPD are taking lead on the investigation.

There are three deaths that remain unclassified that are under investigation.

But the message to the public right now, prior to the controlled demolition, is when it does happen sometime after Noon Saturday people need to stay away from the area.

It will be a couple hours that the evacuation zone will be expanded and they’re asking people for both their safety and emergency personnel to watch the implosion from the comfort of a television.

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