Overtime Podcast #92 - Triple Coverage, Week 8

Overtime Podcast #92 - Triple Coverage, Week 8

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The Saints and LSU are riding impressive win streaks while Tulane and Nicholls are in search of a bounceback and Southeastern is returning from their bye week. In high school football, only three weeks remain in the regular season.

Sean Fazende on the possibility of Drew Brees’ returning from his thumb injury to face the Cardinals before the bye week:

“Do I think he plays? I’m not overly confident in saying yes, I am leaning, I would say 52% yes, 48% no. It’s close but I’m thinking he’s going to play, that’s my best guess at this point.”

Chris Hagan on LSU’s offense showing vulnerability to blitzing:

“It did throw Burrow off, they got to him a little bit and got him a little bit uncomfortable. Sometimes, it looks like LSU is a little more comfortable when they can take those deeper shots and they’re not playing with a condensed field. I think that is a lesson learned for the offense, but again, once they hit their stride - okay, Burrow is back and he tosses four touchdowns.”

Juan Kincaid on the possibility of a hangover for Tulane after losing to Memphis:

“I’m not sure they recover so well. Losing by 30 points and it really didn’t feel like it was that close. I wondered how they would bounce back from the season they had last year - they’ve done fantastic but I wonder if this game was such a shot of reality to where they are as a football team that they don’t recover as well as we’d like to see them do. I think they win one game, maybe two.”

Garland Gillen on Rummel’s defensive formula for winning:

“They have one of the best defenses in the state. They gave up their first touchdown of the season last week so that’s 13 points in seven games. I’ll say this - the defense is there. They scored 14 points early in the first quarter but Kyle Wickersham still needs to develop, still needs to put together a complete game. This week, he’ll get another test in St. Augustine’s defense and next week, it’s possibly the game of the year in Rummel-John Curtis so he needs to figure it out quickly.”

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