Homeowners with damage question what their coverage will be for Tropical Storm Olga

Homeowners with damage question what their coverage will be for Tropical Storm Olga
Broken fence from fallen tree. (Source: FOX 8)

METAIRIE, La. (WVUE) - While many residents may have their power restored, some are left with storm damage, and possibly a high deductible.

Some residents woke up to fallen trees in their yard after Tropical Storm Olga.

"When it hit there, it then fell this way, took out the utility pole and came down here and took down all the branches of the magnolia tree," Leo Licciardi said.

Licciardi lives in Metairie, and said his neighbor's tree crashed through his fence, and punctured a hole in his shed, but he's confused about what his insurance will pay.

"You got a deductible and we're not sure whether it's a hurricane deductible at 2%, or it's a thousand dollars on the base value of the house," Licciardi said.

Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon said Olga was named, homeowners are looking at a deductible between two and five percent of their the insured value of their home.

“It is Olga, it was named, and once it’s named, it’s always named,” Donelon said.

He said damage from Olga could be classified under tropical storm and wind and hail coverage depending on the insurance policy.

"If your policy says wind and hail and it was damaged by a hurricane or a named storm, that's wind, and so it's also covered by the language named wind and hail," Donelon said.

For those whose damages don't meet their deductible, donelon says it's still a good idea to file a claim.

"If you file a claim for an Act of God loss, even if you end up not having coverage because the deductible exceeds the amount of your damage. even if you have that situation, it's not going to cost you anything," Donelon said.

In Gentilly, another tree crashed into a transformer that backfed to a house, and blew their electrical box.

“In this house, the box unfortunately exploded, but we replaced the box, all the wiring, etcetera,” Christian Sullivan said.

He said the damage was covered by the builders because the homeowners just started moving in, but hadn't closed on the house yet.

“It was covered under act of god for a builders risk policy because of the tree falling and the power poles, etcetera. the insurance company was able to cover it,” Sullivan said.

Licciardi said he'll just fix up the damages himself.

“I can repair that fence for probably a couple hundred dollars, and I’ll get a roof up there to replace that hole, and I may be looking under a thousand dollars, so no I would not file a claim,” Licciardi said.

Donelon said another reason to file a claim is because there's always a possibility of meeting the deductible.

He said oftentimes, there are hidden damages that an adjuster will find that will increase the claim.

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