Overtime Podcast #97 - Triple Coverage, Week 9

Overtime Podcast #97 - Triple Coverage, Week 9

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - The Saints and LSU are red hot entering their bye weeks while Tulane is trying to re-capture their flame and cold weather brings a battle of unbeatens to the high school football scene.

Sean Fazende on the Saints’ uniquely impressive 7-1 start:

“The depth of the organization feels like the most complete it has ever been. From the front office with the personnel moves, the draft picks, the free agent signings. The coaches - the head coach has been on point with his gameplanning, the assistant coaches getting the development out of the players that need to be developed. And then the players, the roster is deep.”

Chris Hagan on early build-up for LSU and Alabama facing off as #1 vs #2 for the first time since 2011:

“Does Alabama still have that psyochological edge? Because if I’m Bama, I’m saying ‘it’s LSU, we do this.’ They could be overconfident but I just wander if there is still that edge. If there’s an LSU team that can overcome that edge, it’s this one.”

Juan Kincaid on Tulane trying to get their season back on track:

“My concern was not whether or not Tulane was talented enough to beat Navy, whether or not they’re talented enough to beat the teams coming up - Central Florida, Tulsa, SMU - it’s psychological.”

Garland Gillen on John Curtis and Rummel’s clash of unbeatens in Week 9:

“One of the best defenses in the state against one of the best offenses in the state in John Curtis. Collin Guggenheim is a four-year starter at quarterback, Corey Wren at running back, they’ve got an offense that dropped 62 in the rain against Holy Cross.”

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