Thousands of residents lose power less than a week after Tropical Storm Olga

Updated: Oct. 31, 2019 at 5:59 PM CDT
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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - Just after residents had their power restored from Tropical Storm Olga, thousands were hit again Thursday morning.

“I could hear everybody yelling in their rooms, did you turn off the lights, did you turn off the lights? Finally, somebody comes out, says did you know the powers out? I’m like yeah I can tell,” Matthew King, Innkeeper at La Belle Esplanade said.

King said he explained the outage to out of town guests when they woke up without power.

"This is just a way of life here. It'll be back in an hour or two. this happens once or twice a month," King said.

Entergy Vice President of Distribution Operations Melonie Stewart said the outages may be from residual damage left from Tropical Storm Olga.

"It's damage that was caused to vegetation and our facilities during the storm, that really doesn't show up until that next storm comes through," Stewart said.

She said most of the outages were caused by vegetation tangled with power lines.

“That wind brought a couple of trees and branches over onto our lines, breaking a few cross arms, taking some wire down,” Stewart said.

Stewart adds they will continue with their $45 million in reliability projects that include replacing equipment and vegetation trimming.

“Most of the storms we see that came through like Olga, about 50 percent of the damage is caused by vegetation. So that’s also an important component of our reliability program,” Stewart said.

Fortunately for residents and business owners this time around, most of the power was restored within a few hours.

"Nothing works the way it should here. So because of that, you just go with the flow," King said.

“We’re gonna continue to focus on reliability, ensuring that in the future, our damages from these types of storms and others will be minimized,” Stewart said.

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