Kanye West brings his ‘Sunday Service’ concert to Baton Rouge

Updated: Nov. 1, 2019 at 10:52 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WVUE) - Mega rap-artist Kanye West was in Baton Rouge for his Sunday Service concert. He performed beneath the crosses at Bethany Church.

The concert started a little more than an hour late, but leading up to the Sunday Service concert, people said they were just excited to be a part of it.

It’s hard to miss the three crosses towering over I-10 into Baton Rouge, the site where Kanye West chose to perform his Sunday Service Brunchella on the lawn of the Bethany church.

“Under the three crosses that's going to be insane,” said Ryan Gremillion.

But before the musical event, thousands of fans had no trouble waiting in line for hours.

“To see Kanye West, yea, to worship the lord and hang out with my friends,” said Adrean Barrios.

“I think it’s cool he picked Baton Rouge out of all places to pick,” said Lynsey Sylvas.

“I’m here to see Kanye, I’m excited to touch the same grass he’s walking on,” said Gremillion.

“I've just been excited to see Kanye’s journey because I know he's had a faith struggle for a while but seeing him get radically saved and give his life to Jesus is amazing,” said Jordan Varnado.

Fans will tell you the rap superstar’s music has changed through the years, from curse-laden rap hits to his most recent album “Jesus is King” which centers around gospel music and his faith-centric message.

“It’s something a miracle to see something like this happen from someone considered broken,” said Jakina Smith.

“Every person goes through their own metamorphosis and he's going through his as an artist,” said Adrean Barrios.

As part of the “Sunday Service” experience… some VIP members even enjoyed brunch beforehand that helped set the mood for the event.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been to a concert where I get a plate of food,” said KT Scannell. “I think it kind of incorporates the family aspect of church and everything we're all eating together,” said Scannell.

Fans knew to dress for the weather and bundled up as the concert was held al-fresco on the lawn, just like an impromoptu worship group with no assigned seating and limited restrictions. Some fans came to the “Sunday Service” saying Kanye West has been an icon of theirs for so long.

“I’m hyped I’m ready I love Kanye. I love you Ye,” said Asia Williams

But for others who are more a fan of his newer, Christian-gospel-centric music, they say the experience has been moving for them.

“He was rapping for the world cursing and what he says doing Satans' work and now he's all for Jesus,” said Chrissy SiFuentes

There was also a flurry of camera activity leading up and during tonight’s performance that we saw.

We were told by coordinators that Netflix was heading up the unknown project.

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