Second suspect arrested in Slidell car dealership tire theft case

Second suspect arrested in Slidell car dealership tire theft case
Riley Richardson last suspect arrested in Slidell tire theft (Source: Slidell Police Department)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - After several months of searching, the last suspect from the Matt Bowers Chevrolet Dealership tire theft case in Slidell has been arrested.

Riley Richardson of Houston was transported into the Slidell City Jail on Nov. 5 with a felony theft over $100,000.

In April, officers were called to the Matt Bowers Chevrolet dealership after a manager discovered the tires and wheels missing off of 31 vehicles, ranging from Chevy Tahoe’s, Malibu’s, trucks, and smaller SUV’s. In all, 124 tires and wheels were stolen, totaling a loss of approximately $120,000.

The Slidell Police Department issued an arrest warrant for Richardson in May after the first suspect, Eric Summage of Humble, Texas, was arrested.

Surveillance video from April showed the two walking across the parking lot in order to cut the locks to a side-entrance. A short while later, a U-Haul truck pulled up to the rear parking lot of the dealership.

Approximately 40 minutes later, the U-Haul truck leaves and exits on to the service road towards Old Spanish Trail. It is believed that they were working on removing the tires from the vehicles several hours before the U-Haul truck appears on the video.

The only thing left behind were some wooden blocks used to prop up the vehicles, and a car jack.

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